about us

We pay great attention to the environment and have opted for sustainable farming, which translates into low yields per hectare and healthy, quality grapes.


In running our estate we combine experienced vineyard management and the best applied-technology. We have chosen natural weed control methods rather than spraying chemicals, thus preserving the local flora and fauna. The solar PV power system we have installed provides all the energy the complex requires, and a water purification system allows us to recycle the winery wastewater in vineyards.

Water resources

Because of the natural properties of the soil, which is particularly suitable for grapevines, no extra irrigation system is required.
The winery is equipped with a modern wastewater treatment plant that does not require the use of chemicals.
The treated water is used in the vineyards.

Renewable energy

We have decided to concretely introduce energy saving measures and have installed a 20 kw photovoltaic system to power our winery.
The system is able to meet all our power needs, in respect of the environment and the surrounding nature.
We keep the production of energy under control, reducing therefore the quantity of CO2 released into the atmosphere. Our entire production process is designed to have a low environmental impact and we are committed to constantly improve our already high quality standards.

We study the biological processes in order to better exploit the potentials of the natural raw materials without having to resort to chemicals. At our winery bio-oenology technology for the production and crafting of our wines. We use natural components only, to guarantee genuine products that are built for lasting enjoyment.

Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2019

Our Sauvignon D.O.C. Friuli 2019 obtained the silver medal at the “Concours Mondial du Sauvignon” which took place this year in Brussels (Belgium).

Concorso "Le radici del vino", San Giorgio della Richinvelda

We are proud to have reached the 3rd place in the 3° Competition of the “Sauvignon, the prince of Friuli” with our  SAUVIGNON DOC Friuli Grave 2015.

Cinema di Venezia 2016

We were present with our wines to the award ceremony of Venice Days. The BNL People’s Choice Award for the films of the Venice Days Official Selection goes to Ordinary People by Eduardo Roy Jr.

Concorso Marengo d'oro 2016

Also this year our Sauvignon DOC Friuli Grave 2015 won the 2016 Marengo d’oro award.